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Rabbi Ami Zeiger
Daf 75

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    In honor of Rabbi Zeiger Shlit"a And in memory of Bill McCaulley, Nechemia Mordechai Ben Avraham a"h
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    You constantly inspire us with your amazing devotion to Yeshiva!
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    L’zchus The Greatest Rebbe
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    Keep up the amazing work! South Bend is lucky to have you. Our loss!
  • Mordechai And Shuli Zeiger
    In honor of my devoted and indefatigable brother Rabbi Ami Zeiger. And in memory of Naomi Ruth Bas Aharon Simcha, Nechemia Mordechai Ben Avrohom, & Miriam Bas Michel Shmuel. May their neshamos have an aliyah!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Lerman
    In Honor of Rabbi Ami Zeiger
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    In honor of Rabbi Zeiger, with appreciation for all he does on behalf of Yeshiva!
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    Thank you rebbi for everything you did for me.
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    Yasher Koach on all you do for the Yeshiva and Am Yisrael! We are honored to sponsor learning dedicated to the memory of such special people. May their neshamot have an Aliyah!
  • Lois Gornish
  • Lorraine Almaliach
    Thanks for going above and beyond for David
  • Elisha And Shevy Zeiger
    L'zecher nishmas Naomi Rus bas Ahron Simcha and Bill McCaulley
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Please join me this year in dedicating the learning to 3 unforgettable people.

To Naomi Ruth Bas Aharon Simcha, whose unconditional Ahavas Yisrael brought so many people to Yidishkeit.

To my friend Bill McCaulley, Nechemia Mordechai Ben Avrohom, a ger tzedek who was one of those fortunate enough to have been inspired by my mother.

And to my cousin Lisa Lerman, Miriam Bas Michel Shmuel, whose chesed and refined character touched the lives of so many.

Tizkeh L'mitzvos!

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