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Thanks so much for visiting our page!

We've always been passionate about Chesed 24/7, but now we are taking my passion to a new level. We are inviting you to join us - to connect with patients in the hospital - by sponsoring the Shabbos Boxes that bring them light and joy.

When you sponsor a Shabbos Box, it's as if you're personally bringing candles, grape juice and other Shabbos essentials to the sick! That's incredible. But there's more.
When you participate in the Shabbos Box Project, you partner with Chesed 24/7 in everything they do - including stocking 21 Chesed Hospitality rooms with meals, Shabbos Boxes, and everything a person could need in the hospital! Plus, you can win great prizes!

So please join us. Sponsor boxes and enter to win.
You'll be leaving your mark on 15,000 patients' lives.


Rachelly Eisenberger & Yaeli Mushell