All Donors

Raizy Holczler $100.00
Rivky Seidenfeld $100.00
Necha Welz $100.00
Chaya Weiss $100.00
I am honored to be your sister!!!
Faigy Reich $100.00
Chaya Surie Berkovits $100.00
Rivkie Schlesinger $100.00
Israel Wiesenfeld $72.00
Ruchy Hirsch $72.00
Miriam Kohl $60.00
Bruchy Rochlitz $59.00
in honor of Sury Wiesenfeld whose gemillas chusdim is endless!!!!!!
Yanky WIESENFELD $59.00
For my best aunt!!
Malky Landau $54.00
Esther Perlstein $54.00
Chanie Horowitz $54.00
Blimi Laufer $54.00
Esther Schnitzler $54.00
IN honor of my dear Aunt
Chaya Greenfeld $54.00
Peri Schonfeld $54.00
Family Gancz $54.00
Avrohom Getter $50.00
Gitty Berkovitz $50.00
Chaya Goldberger $41.00
Fraidy Halpert $41.00
Chana Fisch $41.00
Raizy Rosenberg $41.00
Esty Gross $41.00
Rachel Wiesenfeld $41.00
In honor of Surie my dear daughter-in-law who has the biggest ❤️ when it comes to help others in every way and at all times.
Leah Grosss $36.00
Surie Kahan $36.00
Ruchy Klein $36.00
Pessy Salamon $36.00
To my dearest freind who's always on the giving end...
Gitty Wiesenfeld $36.00
To the greatest Mommy and Bobby!
Bruchy Weiss $36.00
In honor of the most giving mommy and Bobby!!!
Yidey Holczler $36.00
How can u say no to someone who never says no!
Family Weltz $36.00
Esther Wiesenfeld $18.00
In honor of my Dear Sister in Law Sury. Always out there to help Klal Yisroel.