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Jessica Beren $500.00
Tali Miller $360.00
Proud Berger Parents $250.00
keep up the amazing work that you and Yitzy do for all those that benefit from your friendship and generosity
Asna Kaminetzky $150.00
Pitzee Shapiro $150.00
Chama Kantor $150.00
Ahuva Frankel $150.00
Baruch And Mindy $150.00
Sharon Beren $136.00
Gayil Greenberg $100.00
Sholem And Rosi Rubin $100.00
Tizzy l'mitzvos!
Miri Samber $100.00
Tizku L'Mitzvot Raiz!
Aliza Zauderer $100.00
Tzvi And Goldie Katz $54.00
In Honor of my sharks Dov and Faye!
Aharon And Adina Gerson $54.00
Chanie Fuerst $54.00
Ariella Deutsch $54.00
Jenny Wise $36.00