Irgun Torah UTefillah enables different programs to promote and enhance Limud HaTorah and Tefillah on the next level. Chashuv Bochrim and Yungerliet are enrolled across Lakewood. Its operation include, bein hasedarim programs, retzifus incentives, bechinos, siyumim, neshei events, kuntreis publication, Yom tov expenses, Aids for simchos, daily Tefillah email and text, incentives for Tefillah based programs and much more.

About the Campaign

The purpose and goal of this campaign is to fund our budget of approximately $800,000 a year. It gives Mosdos a chance to fundraise in a unique way and reach new sources while providing an attractive offer. Registration for mosdos can be on the website by registering as a sponsor or team. This fundraiser will greatly aid the continual growth of this organization and is a great way to use "Maaser" to fund Torah and Tefillah while securing a chance to win any prize in this wonderful raffle. It's a Win-Win situation.