Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim

Behind every medical journey is LRBC.
Behind LRBC is YOU.

In the most unknown of times, there’s one thing we know: 
It takes a community like ours to fuel an operation like ours. 
Because behind every medical journey is LRBC, and behind LRBC is you. 

Join me as I share an insider’s view of the machinations of this multi-armed operation. 

Back in 1994, Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim began as the proverbial child of necessity: to fill an obvious void, with the fortitude of several unstoppable individuals and the endorsement of noted leaders. 

Our credo was simple yet profound: We are here for the Cholim. Whatever it takes

But it quickly grew beyond its self-definition, evolving into a mammoth operation of national - and sometimes international - proportions. 

Pull a lever here. Upgrade a device there. Reboot functions on occasion. 

And slowly, with the community ardently lined up behind us, Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim has become not merely a household name, but a household wonder. 

Bikur Cholim fields an average of 550 calls a day, ranging from the simple Where can I find food in RWJ? to the panicked They’re giving her a few days.

And frankly, we don’t always have the ready answers. 

But we have the unflinching resolve to keep fighting, keep foraging, and keep finding. We don’t profess divinity; we simply see ourselves as divine messengers, administrators of His abundant mercy.

With a staff of 24, and an ever-growing troop of insider volunteers, we remain faithful to our founding credo: Providing everything a patient could possibly need - or want.  

The big, famous things: 
Equipment. Food. Transportation. Hospitality. Accommodations. 
And the little unknowns: 
A midnight check-in visit. A patient’s favorite food. A care package on a hard day.
The impossibly thoughtful gestures that, as anyone who has experienced crisis knows, can be the difference between utter despair and renewed hope. 
It takes a lot of big and little things to keep an operation well-oiled and smooth. 
We are so fortunate to operate in a community that values kindness above all else; we couldn’t function without the devout support of our donors. 

Because LRBC never says no. And we’re inspired by the resounding yes of our thousands of partners. 
One of the most oft-repeated questions we field around here is an awestruck How do you do it? How do you go on in the face of so much pain, stress, and tragedy? 
With spirit, but not martyrdom; resilience, but never denial. 
And... With you. 

Thank you for joining us behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth execution of every task, minor and very major. 
It’s your contribution that keeps our wheels turning. 

Rabbi Yehuda Kaszirer

From The Inside Out

A smooth operation,
a seamless rotation,
Joined for a greater ideal.

Manning controls,
Maneuvering roles,
Each lever, each button, each reel.

Turning in synchrony,
With rigorous scrutiny ,
Like cogs in a fast-turning wheel.

Small contributions,
Big revolutions,
A haven. A coffee. A meal.

Loneliness banished,
Lethargy vanished,
Revival that may seem surreal.

Calming shrill cries,
Answering the whys,
Easing the path as they heal.

A hub of activity,
High productivity,
With passion, compassion and zeal.

Push, pull, and spin -
Each dial, valve, pin,
Each portion completing the deal.

Parts joining forces,
Combining resources,
Navigating through the ordeal.

A severe neurotrauma,
A medical coma,
Advocate. Action. Appeal.

Patients so fragile,
Yet staff so agile,
Exuding a strength you can feel.

No part unaddressed,
No need unassessed,
Maintaining the soft even keel.

Take a look deep inside,
Where the parts coincide,
Join us for the big reveal.