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Shayna Denburg $180.00
Yehudis, I love you.
Aviva Feiler $179.00
Naomi Zwelling $100.00
Kara Wurtzel $100.00
In honor of Yehudis Hodaya Soul and her achievements. We’re so incredibly proud of you. Love, Your Fans, The Wurtzels
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Ariel Morad $100.00
Gail Shor $72.00
Miriam Alt $72.00
In honor of a special person in Mindy’s life- thank you for being there for Mindy and her friends and being a huge inspiration to them!
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Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Yonatan Glicksman $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
grateful for your listening ear and for the opportunity to learn from and grow with you always!
Shayna Kahn $50.00
To my neshama friend
Ilana Drubach $50.00
For the continued success of Sternberg helping so many girls!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
You rock, Yehudis!
Chaim Goldstein $50.00
In honor of my dear friend Yehudis, rock on!
Yehudis Hodaya Soul $36.00
Proud of you buddy! Your Inner child.
Jedi Master Etan Vann $36.00
Amy Hooker $36.00
Love and miss you! I’m so proud of you!
Tova Klapper $36.00
Shani Plotzker $36.00
You never cease to inspire me!
Justin Weiss $36.00
Zeesy Hirschler $36.00
Mushky Gurary $36.00
Chani Rogin $36.00
In honor of a human that cares so deeply for others❤️
Gitty Rosenberg $36.00
Yehudis, I am so lucky and grateful to be sitting next to you all dayyyy!!! You are an inspiration! Keep rockin the world!
Bracha Weiss $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $30.00
Love you girl! You’re amazing! And I know that all your dreams and plans will come true
Hadassah Karp $21.00
Shaindy Plotzker $20.00
In honor of one of
Hadassa Dahan $20.00
Julia Ganchrow $18.00
Laurie Tusk $18.00
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Shayna Shlinger $18.00
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Adina Berger $12.00
Lauren Mades $10.00
Big hug
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Texas $2.00