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Suzanne Zakheim $1,500.00
Anonymous Sponsor $1,000.00
Barbara & Mark Silber $360.00
Jeremy Lebovitch $360.00
Aryeh Weiss $250.00
Batsheva And Shlomie Boehm $250.00
Simcha Shain $180.00
Carol Shelby $101.00
Esther Rockove $100.00
Hatzlocha rabbah!!!
Avrumi Goldfeder $100.00
Mordy Getz $100.00
Keep up the good work!
Meshulam Lisker $100.00
Carmela Gisis $100.00
In honor of my many amazing summers in camp Sternberg
Temima Kupfer $100.00
Miriam And Yonason Schenker $100.00
Devo Drelich $72.00
Shia & Shani Klein $54.00
In honor of Aviva and all of the wonderful women that continue the magic at Sternberg & in memory of R’ Ronnie Greenwald
Marc Storch $54.00
Go Aviva!!
Alex Medjuck $54.00
Rabbi And Mrs Bentzion Bamberger $36.00
In honor of Aviva, your dedication and efforts for those in need is truly inspiring.
Slava Deitsch $36.00
Chava Weiman $36.00
Debbie & Eli Mayerfeld $36.00
Ariella Gluck $36.00
Tzivia Weiss $36.00
In honor of Aviva for all she does for everyone and the amazing Camp Sternberg!
Yitzy & Rena $36.00
Huvi Grossberg $25.00
Lisa Cohen $25.00
Devora Goldberg $18.00
Aviva, you’re amazing!!
Efrat Kamenetsky $18.00
In honor of Aviva and all the other people in Camp Sternberg who carry on the incredible work of Rabbi Greenwald z"tl. Every child is a child of Hashem!!
Malka & Tani Martin $18.00
Sarah Aeder $18.00
To 1/3 of the best nurses in Sternberg!! Thanks for everything you do!
Adina Berger $11.00
Anonymous Sponsor $5.00