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i I vividely remember my first time in Camp Sternberg. I had just entered foster care after being removed from a abusive family. Rabbi Greenwald personally went out of his way to ensure that camp would be a welcoming, safe, and happy, place for me my summers in Camp were a needed and welcomed respite from the harsh realities of daily life.
Rivkah Weiss $180.00
I can honestly say that my time at Camp Sternberg changed the course of my life. I did not enjoy school and had difficulty finding friends I could relate to. It was at Camp Sternberg that I found my first true friends; Soulmates really. Friends I still have now 30 years on. It was a place where I felt accepted and appreciated. Being at camp was magical. The beauty of living in nature, the fun of the activities, the joy of the singing, each day was filled with surprises and happiness. I went from camper to counselor to Music teacher to Division Head learning many life lessons throughout. I waited all year, for many years, just for camp to begin again. Whenever I hear a screen door slam in the summer, I’m instantly transported back to that wonderful time and place. I’m so very grateful for all Camp Sternberg did for me and continues to do for any girl lucky enough to be a part of it. May it continue to go from strength to strength.
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In honor of an incredible sister! Keep doing great things!
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My Father AH was so proud of you guys. As are we. ????
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Not only are you the queen of drama - but the queen of chesed! Best wishes for continued hatzlocha and nachas from your mishpocha Rabbi and Mrs. Rockove
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thank you for allowing me to "tag along" on this and other incredible chasodim that you do!
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With great appreciation for the wonderful summers my family spent at Camp Sternberg
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IHO Shira, for all the wonderful work you do in continuing Rabbi Greenwald’s legacy!
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You are appreciated!
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IHO my awesomest friend Shira! Love sharing simchas! IMO Shoshana Raizel bas Eliyohu Chaim. Nechemia Yisrael Meir ben Levi Mordechai. RS Chana bas Bruria. Tova bas Perel.
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