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Miriam Turk $500.00
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Adina Witztum $200.00
Hilda Bachrach $180.00
Best wishes for another successful summer in the Catskills. Love, Grandma
Uncle Tanny And Aunt Rivka $180.00
Naomi And Avie Bachrach $180.00
Go Girl! We are so proud! Love, Daddy and Mommy
Tzippy Rhodes $100.00
Liluy nishmas Naftali Matisyahu ben Dovid Yosef
Uncle Menachem And Aunt Sarah $100.00
Miriam Gellen $100.00
Rabbi & Mrs. Rockove $100.00
In appreciation for all your hard work all summer!
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Elly And Mandy Bachrach $75.00
Ditza Berger $72.00
This is one I can not do please be motzi me
Yitzi Genack $72.00
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Yossi & Aviva $54.00
Ilana And Ammiel Bachrach $54.00
Uncle Gavriel And Aunt Gavriella And Family $54.00
You are so inspiring! Hatzlacha rabba!
Rachel Bachrach $50.00
Yay Aunt Nechama! Love your Cincinnati nephews and nieces
Racheli And Shimmie $50.00
Gali Schwebel $50.00
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Yisrael Bachrach $50.00
Go Chuma! Love Sruly and Atara
Rachael Weber $50.00
Best of luck to reach your goal, and beyond!
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Victor Shine $50.00
Go Nechama!!!
Rachel Besser $36.00
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Rivky And Avi Anderson $36.00
Good luck to our favorite sister/aunt/personal baker
Tova Lahasky $36.00
Avigayil And Baila $36.00
Go Nechama!
Rivka And Yechiel LIeberman $36.00
Mendlowitz Family $36.00
Our favorite Chief of Staff of Camp Sternberg. Good luck!
Shayna Kahn $36.00
Rochel Gruen $36.00
Bracha Kranz $25.00
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:Payback for getting me started!
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Thank you!
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