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Andrew Lowinger $1,000.00
Jonathan And Martha Goodman $250.00
Sternberg Girls Rock!
Naomi Levy $200.00
Rabbi Michael And Smadar Rosensweig $200.00
Hatzlacha Debbie and Talya
Simi Lichtman $180.00
Rachel Shafier $180.00
Moriah Weiss $180.00
Go Talya and Debbie! We love camp Sternberg!!
Sarah Stein $180.00
Jane Schulman $180.00
Neil Wolfe $180.00
Devora Waiss $180.00
Sori Schwartz $180.00
Shalva Segal $180.00
Elisha Rosensweig $157.00
My mother can outhike2help any other!
Rachel Pekarsky $150.00
I was so privileged to have gone to Sternberg, and I hope many more girls will feel the same way for years to come BH!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $120.00
Keep up the great work!! Camp Sternberg should continue to be able to provide the amazing experiences and memories for campers every summer!
Debbie Ashvil $100.00
Kayla Wiederman $100.00
Sarah Stein $100.00
Jessica Weiselberg $100.00
Rivkah Rosenholtz $100.00
Chana Bregman $100.00
Miriam Kamravaopur $100.00
Go Talya go!! A true source of inspiration to us all!! Thank you Camp Sternberg for 8 amazing summers!
Debbie And Judah Rosensweig $100.00
Aviva P $100.00
Naomi Sternberg $100.00
lol hakavod. Yiyasher kochachen
Elisha Rosensweig $100.00
Ema is the greatest!
Shifra Weisenfeld $100.00
Shana Fohrman $100.00
Teena Rubinfeld $100.00
Sara Pinter $100.00
In appreciation for many amazing summers at the best camp!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Gilat & David Dweck $100.00
We love you, Gilat, David & family ❤️
Racheli Berger $100.00
Chaya Weissberger $75.00
Talya, you're my inspiration! so proud! I will always remember my 9 amazing summers in Sternberg
Avigail Margolis $72.00
CS Brevda $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Rivkah Rogawski $54.00
Sternberg made an impression on so many including me. Go Talya go!
Avraham & Nechama Sakal $52.00
Batya Septimus $50.00
Shira Rappaport $50.00
Rena Schrier $50.00
Tizku L'Mitzvot, Talya!
Miriam Rollhaus $50.00
You would make R' Greenwald proud!
Meira DEar $50.00
Keep up the great work Talya! Hatzlacha!
Yehoshua Levine $50.00
Chaya Weissberger $50.00
because my experience at Sternberg was that amazing and in honor of Talya who's awesome!
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Liz Lowy $50.00
Casye Brachfeld $50.00
Sara Manasseh $50.00
Zahava Klarberg $50.00
Leah Nadler $36.00
In memory of the unforgettable Rabbi Greenwald a”h and in honor of Talya who follows in his footsteps
Dena Friedman $36.00
Ditza Berger $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Malka Edinger $36.00
Shira Glas $36.00
Ahuva Bergman $36.00
Tizku l'mitzvos!
Chayim And Shayna Rosensweig $36.00
In honor of Talya, Yechiel, Miriam and Rephael Palgon. We love you guys!
Nachum And Sarah Tamar Greenberg $36.00
Bracha Mitgang $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Chavie Pheibush $36.00
Aunt Cheryl $36.00
Go Talya!!
Hillela And Noah Geduld $36.00
Chevi Allman $36.00
Shaindee (Hirsch) Goldstein $36.00
Go Talya!
Deena Striks $36.00
Ruth Sommer $36.00
Kol HaKavod!!
Shira & Meir Palgon $36.00
Keep up the awesome work Talya!!
Chayie Mittel $36.00
Kol hakavod!
Aliza Plittman $36.00
Rabbi And Rabbanit Halevy $36.00
Annette Nadboy $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Julie Yachzel $36.00
Rayla Krupka $36.00
Talya-thank you for keeping me connected! Kol hakavod to both of you!!
Elisheva Rosensweig $30.00
Malki Marks $25.00
Chaya Eisenberg $25.00
Talya - keep doing amazing things!
Sarah Adler $25.00
Talya rosensweig palgon
Esther Seryl Klein $25.00
Kathryn Moleti $20.00
P'nina Rudansky $18.00
Kayla Halbertal $18.00
Shoshanah (Plotklin) Weinstein $18.00
GO TALYA!!! This is a great camp!
Suri Sternbach (Brilleman) $18.00
Chana Wallerstein $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Esther And Bentzion Belen $18.00
Dena Friedman $18.00
Ahuva Fox $18.00
Leora Palgon $18.00
In honor of Talya Palgon!!!!! For hiking on, always!
Ilana Drory $18.00
Shifra Lamm $18.00
Meira Greenberg $18.00
Zev And Chaya Weiner $18.00
Sternberg is an amazing place! So grateful to have my girls there now :))
Felicia And Mark Bernstein $18.00
Tizku L'mitzvot!
Gabriel Fulop $18.00
Suri Sternbach $18.00
For Talya - because she had the guts to post some very embarrassing photos of me!!
Avi & Miriam Wealcatch $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Miri Shiri Fohn $18.00
Anonymous $18.00
Rooting for you! Sternberg still reverberates in me!
Malka Klaver $18.00
Tamar Fried $18.00
Kol hakavod to Talya and Mrs Rosensweig for your unbelievable work!!!!
Chaya Weiner $18.00
Devora Langsam $18.00
Erica Simon $18.00
Mazalit (Behar) Basha $18.00
Chani Dvorkes $18.00
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Rivki Steiner $5.00
Eli Neuberger $5.00
Tizke Lmitzvos!