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The Texans $1,000.00
In Honor of the Glucks who do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE
Aryeh Weiss $500.00
Jack Polatsek $500.00
Thank you for all your sacrifices for K'lal...
Miriam And Ben Lowinger $500.00
Nathan Stern $360.00
Howard Friedman $200.00
Ira Zlotowitz $180.00
Mendy Braun $180.00
Batsheva And Shlomie Boehm $180.00
In honor of the indefatigable Aviva Gluck!
Barbara Silber $180.00
Mordy Getz $180.00
In honor of "behind every successful man there is ..." thanks for all!
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Adam Eisenberg $180.00
Coby Siegel $180.00
Matt Weiss $180.00
Dov Elias $180.00
in honor of Zvi & Aviva - Heroes of Klal Yisroel
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Tzvi, I would never want you to get in trouble!! Lol
Gedalia Rieder $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Carol Shelby $101.00
Carmela Gisis $100.00
Klahr Family $100.00
In honor of the amazing, never sleeping, Gluck's!
Aviva Hoch $100.00
Mirie & Michoel Elias $100.00
In honor of Zvi & Aviva Gluck
Meshulam & Tova Lisker $100.00
Rabbi And Mrs. Rockove $100.00
Thank you for taking care of all of us!
Hershel Gottdiener $100.00
Thanks for your devotion
Tzvi Weissmandl $100.00
Moshe Scheiner $100.00
Temima Kupfer $100.00
May Hashem continue give you all the strength needed
Yocheved Belsky $72.00
Nechama Hershkowitz $72.00
Huge thank you to Aviva and the nurses in the infirmary!!
Nachman Goldman $55.00
Shia And Shani Klein $54.00
Thanks for continuing the Sternberg tradition Aviva!!!
Jeremy Steinmetz $54.00
Shimmy Walfish $50.00
Ariella Gluck $36.00
Avivit Mikhli $36.00
From one vivs to anotha! Tizku lemitzvos xoxo
Tzivia Weiss $36.00
You are the best! Love you!
Devorah Zupi $25.00
Batzione Brody $18.00
Lindsey Storch $18.00
Chaim M Sabel $18.00
Esther Zicherman $18.00
Viva Aviva!
Devora Goldberg $18.00
Go Aviva!! You’re amazing!!
Yonah Shemueli $17.00
TAlya L $10.00
Malky Rosenberg $10.00
Faigy Gottlieb $10.00
Keep spreading your joy and strength to all!!!