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Yitzchak Cohen $1,000.00
Doris Bistricer $500.00
The Esty Edell Family Foundation Edell $500.00
Much Hatzlacha on this worthy endeavour
Edith Turk $500.00
Moshe Hirschman $360.00
Shira Cohen $360.00
Batya you are literally a lifesaver.
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Aaron Greenblott $360.00
Anonymous Sponsor $237.00
Esther Rockove $200.00
Rayla Krupka $200.00
Batya-you are awesome! Camp Sternberg is SO lucky to have you♡♡
Rachel $180.00
Michal Sivak $180.00
Susan Gross $180.00
Tamara Klein $180.00
Go Batya!!!
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Rivka Leah Glatzer $180.00
Allyson And Dov Perkal $180.00
We appreciate all you have done and continue to do for Camp Sternberg!
Tzvi Herskovits $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Go Batya!!!
Chayala Bistricer $180.00
Hatzlacha Batya! You have always been an inspiration! Nah you continue to inspire us!
Aliza (Weiss) And Ari Spilman $180.00
In honor of Miss Fay!! Hatzlacha!
Chanie And Tovyah $180.00
You're the BEST!!!
Dovi & Rikki $180.00
Yocheved P $180.00
In honor of Batya Feigenbaum and her tireless work for Jewish girls! Thank you!
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Aharon Fried $180.00
Keep it up. Up up and away, Kesiva VeCHasima Toiva.
Isaac Feigenbaum $151.00
Yeah yeah - you are an inspiration. But Rabbi Greenwald - he REALLY was an inspiration! We are so proud that you follow in his footsteps! (And we know how proud he was of you.)
Rachel Cohen $150.00
Joshua Cohen $136.00
Ellen Warner $108.00
Batya, you are one of the most inspiring people I have ever met!!! Best of luck achieving your current fundraising goal. If I could get a Canadian tax recept I'd donate even more
Hadassah Youseflaleh $101.00
Woohoo Batya!
Shani Urman $100.00
Rivkie Reichmann $100.00
Batya- you are an inspiration! Kol hakavod!
Yitzchak Cohen $100.00
Rachel Switzer $100.00
RR $100.00
Go Miss Fay!
Shira Lipner $100.00
Batya, you're awesome! Keep up your amazing work!
Elisheva Spitz $100.00
Adina Wolf $100.00
Eudice Greenfield $100.00
Dora Haar $100.00
Sara Munk $100.00
Thank you Batya for all you do for Klal Yisrael. You are an inspiration!
Heshy Blumstein $100.00
Hannah Rudansky $100.00
Chaya Gottesman $100.00
Keep up the good work!!
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
TovaLea Goldberg $100.00
Thank you Batya for EVERYTHING you do!!!
Chaya Sara Auerbach $100.00
Rose-Ellen Leventhal $100.00
Chana Markowitz $100.00
Bracha Lourie $100.00
Shayna Klein $100.00
Sarah & Jeremy Gilbert $100.00
Tizku L’Mitzvos!
Zecharya Greenwald $100.00
Batya, you were always at the top of my Father's list. Thank you for all you do!
Basya Poretsky $100.00
Moira Kirzner $100.00
Way to go Mz Fay!
The Fliegelmans $100.00
Skosowski Family $100.00
You continue to inspire! Tizku l’mitzvos
Rochelle Berk $100.00
Andrea Hernandez $100.00
Karen & Jay Spitzer $100.00
Starr Julie $100.00
You make a huge difference in the world! Thank you
Elana Zoldan $100.00
Go batya! Love Lani
Hennie Zolty $100.00
Yocheved Temima R $100.00
Thanks for making Hike2help happen
Sherri Wise $100.00
Go Batya!
Meshullam Feigenbaum $100.00
Atara & Maya BenQuesus $100.00
Batsheva $100.00
You were my Shiur counselor many years ago and a true inspiration!
Noson & Zeldy Walden $100.00
You're a wonderful role model. Keep it up forever..!
בנימין $92.00
Heshi And Chavi Menzelefsky $80.00
Tizku Limitzvos!!
Naomi Munk $75.00
Miriam Siegel $75.00
Batya, you rock!! Keep up the amazing work that you do!!
Rivkah Bodkins $75.00
Miriam Kaiser $75.00
Anonymous Sponsor $72.00
RM Hofstedter $72.00
Avigayil Rosenberg $72.00
Pamela Martin Tikvah Chasen And Family $72.00
Honored to be sharing in this with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.
Adina Korobkin $72.00
Kol Hakavod Batya! May you go m'chayil el chayil! Cheering you on from out west!
Gail Yefet $72.00
Isaac Osiel $72.00
Keep up the great work Batya!!
Efrat And Her Family! $54.00
Faigy Greenspoon $54.00
Avi Devora &Kids Feigenbaum $54.00
In honor of an awesome sister and greatest aunt🙂
Anonymous Sponsor $52.00
Devorah Zupi $50.00
Fraida Schwartz $50.00
Ricky Gaerman $50.00
Sasson Gross $50.00
Tzippy Reifer $50.00
You’re a real heroine and an inspiration to all of us!
Shoshana Deutsch $50.00
Batya - a true inspiration to us all
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Malkie $50.00
Ruth Ismach $50.00
Gary & Margaret Kopstick $50.00
Perry Binet $50.00
You are an inspiration!
Rivka Warshavchik $50.00
Moyshe And Deena Marder $50.00
Much Hatzlacha!!! Keep up the great work!!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
Rachel Lubimzev $50.00
Chavi Woldiger $37.00
Tzipporah Witty $36.00
Sara Fordsham $36.00
Devorah Saull $36.00
You are an inspiration!! May you always be able to give in your own special way!
Shev $36.00
Way to go Miss Fay! :)
Sara Hyman $36.00
Miss Fay’s Favourite Wine Deliverer $36.00
Thanks for putting up with all of my shenanigans!
Rena Dayan $36.00
Miss. Fay you’re so Amazing! הצלחה רבה, I hope you reach you’re goal!:)
Adina Nadoff $36.00
Isabelle Zolkower $36.00
Esther Asher Hild $36.00
Riki Kurtz $36.00
Hatzlacha!! You are extraordinary!!
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BRacha Katz $36.00
Paige & Aron Kramer $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Dalia Goodman $36.00
Chaya Kiss $36.00
Shira Marx $36.00
You Rock Batya! B'Hatzlacha!
Rena Cohen $36.00
Thank you Batya for ALL that you do!!!!!
Michal Chody $36.00
Good memories!
Mendlowitz Family $36.00
Elisheva Bielory $36.00
Batya you are a great inspiration
Yehudis Kalfa $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Monica & Lawrence Weinberg $36.00
you inspire everyone around you!!
Mirel Kanner $36.00
Still love you Batya. Always thinking about you!
Elana Soroka $36.00
Shayne Hyman-Train $36.00
Always happy to sponsor you, Batya!
Aaron & Yona Bernath $36.00
Devorah Hyman $36.00
Chaya Sara Auerbach $36.00
In honor of Rabbi Y Feigenbaum and the incredible Batya Feigenbaum!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Helene Green $36.00
Batya-You are the best!!
Dori Meisels $36.00
To my play aizer!! Keep doing what you do!!!
Lauren Zisholtz $35.00
Rochel Gruen $34.00
Shaynee Herskowitz $30.00
To my favourite aunt ever! You are awesome! So, so awesome! Love you so much 😘😘😘
Mindy Marder $25.00
Sruly And Rivky Nadoff $25.00
To the best aunt you are amazing keep it up
Leah Keslassy $25.00
Sarah Zimmerman $25.00
You are amazing!! Can't wait to see you soon!
Tobi Siebzener $25.00
Sarah Grossman $25.00
Janet Salman $20.00
In honor of an amazing person, and our favorite cousin, Batya Feigenbaum! From Shlomo and Rini Weissman
Anonymous Sponsor $20.00
Benjy And Rima Weissman $20.00
Nechemia Feigenbaum $20.00
You are our inspiration!!
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Adina Forouzan $18.00
Batya you are a power house! May Hashem bentch you thousands fold for everythingyoudo!
Tikva Zolty $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Temimah Stern $18.00
Chani Eisenbach $18.00
Devorah Stern $18.00
Deena Kaufman $18.00
Tova Gilbert And Rachel Gotts $18.00
Thanks Miss Fay for everything that you do!! You're the best:)
Orly Hyman $18.00
Good luck Miss Fay!!
Anonymous Anonymous $18.00
Nechama Rosenberg $18.00
Go Batya!
Hadassah Stauber $18.00
So impressed by how much you do to support this cause... and all of the rest that you do. Lucky to call you my friend!
Hadassah Youseflaleh $18.00
Ezriel Moscovitch $18.00
Shana Checkanow (Mayer) $18.00
Batya, you always inspired me!!!!
Mr Righton $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Miri Zilber $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Yocheved Zilber $18.00
Aliza Kalton $18.00
Erika Rychik $18.00
Leah Stern $18.00
Susan Florence $18.00
Rochie Maonata (Barnett) $18.00
Batya!! Ur amazing Camp Sternberg would not be Sternberg without u!
Estee Salczer $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
In Loving Memory Of Pesha Gittel Bas Yechezkel And Aryeh Leib Ben Yehudah Tzvi And Mirel Bas Yechezkel $18.00
Go Batya we are so proud of you for getting involved
B N $18.00
Avital Weber $18.00
Shifra Lamm $18.00
Baila Verschleiser $18.00
Chani Zlotowitz $18.00
Deborah Benderly $18.00
Binyomin And Rochy Herskowitz $18.00
Aunti Batya you are the best and our claim to fame :-) keep up the good work!
Chaya Samowitz $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Brenda Borenstein $18.00
Dahlia Plonka $18.00
Shai Scherer $18.00
thank you Rabbi Feigenbaum...your weekly video adds to our shabbos table
Camp Migdal $18.00
Thanks for being so great and easy to work with!
Ester Furst $18.00
you are someone who we can all emulate and learn from. way to go !!!!
David Stauber $18.00
Ayelet Kramer $18.00
Shoshana Berger $18.00
Shevy Horowitz $18.00
Great job!!!
Tamar Sandler $18.00
Chedva Weingarten $18.00
Dan Stern $18.00
Hatzlacha Batya on everything you do! Bring Your zivug fast
Ariella Cohen $18.00
Rachelle Lowenthal $18.00
Thank you for perpetuating the legacy of R Greenwald’s Sternberg, as a welcoming place for anyone that needs it
Esther Rochel L $18.00
Thank you for championing this amazing cause Batya!
Eric $18.00
Orly Turtel $18.00
Hatzlacha, Batya!
Esther Malka Shaffer $18.00
Minna Haber $18.00
Thank you Batya!
Shayna Friedman $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor $15.00
Tzipora (Weber) Schiffer $10.00
In honor of the indefatigable Batya! May you always be zoche to do good things
Arielle Miller And Tamar Newman Your Favorite Students $10.00
Bracha Komarov $10.00
In memory of Rabbi Greenwald A"H. In honor of Batya & Shimi!! I loved attending camp sternberg!! "Sternberg, you're the place to be...!"
Rachel Harris $10.00
Chavi Leifer (Furst) $10.00
Judy Sharer $10.00
I hope my little donation will still make a difference! Thanks for your weekly inspiration, Batya! 😊
MLki Grub $5.00
Leah Levine $5.00
Chana Sara (whitman) Posen $5.00
Thinking of all the awesome summers spent in Sternberg and in the kitchen 💜
Batya Feigenbaum $1.00