Where does the money raised go to?
The money you raise goes directly to the Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund. Money from the Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund is used towards camp fees as well as other expenses incurred by scholarship recipients. Recipients are needy and deserving campers who would benefit tremendously from being in a camp environment, yet lack the financial resources to make that happen. For an application or more information about HIKE2HELP scholarships - please click here.
Is this event only open to past alumni and campers of Camp Sternberg?
This event is open to any girl above 15 or woman who likes to challenge themselves for a great cause. No connection to Camp Sternberg is necessary to participate.
How much (if any) training is required to participate in this adventure? Are there height/weight/age limitations that would prevent someone from participating in the caving portion?
While no specific training is required, it is recommended that participants be in good health and reasonably confident that they can complete the described activities with minimal to no assistance required. It is anticipated that participants of all ages, shapes, and sizes will be able to navigate the caves with no difficulties. Consultation with a doctor, or a mental health professional if you have severe claustrophobia, to determine whether this trip is recommended for you, is also suggested.
What should I wear and bring with me?
Hiking shoes, leggings, water shoes that stay on your feet, towel, bug spray, hat and sunscreen. Clothing (including footwear) will get thoroughly wet/dirty/muddy so please wear clothing you are not particular about. As the caving portion of the day is underground, temperatures there can be cooler and it is therefore advisable to dress in layers. Helmets, headlamps, flashlight, gloves and whistles will be provided for the caving portion of the day (to be returned upon conclusion of caving). In addition, participants will receive a hike2help t-shirt and hiking skirt with leggings attached that they can choose to wear for the day (and keep as a memento).
We will send out a more detailed email when we get closer to the Hike2help date.
Is there transportation provided from anywhere to/from the caving/hiking location?
At this point there is no transportation arranged. However, if there is sufficient interest, we will organize a bus from a location in NY. Please email and let us know if you would be interested in that opportunity so we can plan accordingly.
Can I join Hike2help if I will be in Camp Sternberg for the month of August?
Please email us at ihike2help@gmail.com to obtain clearance before registering.
Is there a minimum age for participants?
Yes, the minimum age for hikers participating without a parent/guardian is 15 and coming out of 10th grade.

Please note that we will be accepting a maximum of 10 unaccompanied teenagers. Acceptance is on a first come first served basis.
What is the schedule/timing of the day?
The very tentative schedule for the day is as follows:

10:00 meet and greet at entrance to cave
10:30 Group A goes caving, Group B goes hiking
12:30-1:15 lunch for both groups together outside the cave
1:15 Group A goes hiking, Group B goes caving
4:30 wash up and then enjoy a barbecue dinner at a beautiful property located a 20 minute drive from the caves