What’s the BIG deal?

Just since 2000, Lakewood’s population has grown by more than 50%. When Rav Aharon z"l founded BMG in 1943, the population was only about 8500. It grew to over 38,000 in 1981 when Lakewood Hatzolah was first founded and today, the population is over 100,000. Keeping up with this growth is a BIG challenge. Furthermore, the entire Lakewood Township is 24.98 Square miles, but Toms River is 52.88 mi² and Jackson is 100.6 mi², not to mention the areas in Howell, Brick and other places Hatzolah of Lakewood services. The coverage area Hatzolah needs to service has grown by more than 500%! This is unprecedented, and a really BIG responsibility.

Our Members

But, nothing is too BIG for our dedicated Hatzolah members. They have taken it upon themselves to do what it takes to ensure that our broader community is safe and cared for. Think about it, these are the same members who drop everything at a momentís notice, run out at 3 AM in the freezing cold, in pajamas to save the life of a stranger. These are the same members who are your neighbors, friends, family and business associates. And these members are taking on themselves another responsibility, building the infrastructure needed to keep up with our community's growth. In an emergency, you wouldnít hesitate to reach out to them, please donít hesitate to show your support now. Sponsor a member today and make a BIG difference?

Letís Go BIG!

In order to keep up with the growth, Hatzolah desperately needs an upgraded communications system, additional ambulances and vehicles, lifesaving equipments such as lifepacks, more garages, and the list goes on and on. Each and every one of us needs to step up to the plate, and together we will do something BIG! And in that merritt, may none of us ever need to be recipients of Hatzolahís services again.

But, I donít live in Lakewood!

Even if you donít live here, you probably come here every now and then to visit, partake in a simcha, for a meeting or some shopping. And, you probably know someone who lives here too. Do you have children here? Parents here? Friends, relatives? Lakewood is the fastest growing community in the country and everyone has some connection to Lakewood. When you are here even if only for a wedding or Yom Tov, or your family lives here, although we hope you never need us, in case you do, donít you want the peace of mind knowing weíre just seconds away?
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