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Mishna Rishona- "Where Rebbe is always on-call"

Mishna Rishona is a novel initiative

It is the only self-study Mishnayos program of its kind- independent, gradable, and designed for young boys.

The need for Mishna Rishona

Not all children have access to learning support outside of school. Mishna Rishona fills that void.
It is practical and clear for the boy who needs extra review outside the classroom.
It is independent and engaging for the boy who needs an extra challenge beyond the classroom.
Mishna Rishona gives every boy the opportunity to learn and advance at his own pace.
Whenever and wherever, there's a rebbe on-call.

How Mishna Rishona works

It's simple- children call in, listen, learn, and review. One Mishna at a time.
Each Mishna is skillfully presented with a clear and compelling delivery. Every session can be paused, bookmarked, rewound, or fast forwarded. Mishna recordings are between 5-7 minutes long. Each lesson has a review section so that the boys can answer questions, accumulate points, and redeem prizes.

The Rebbe

The system works so well because it is taught by a master. Rabbi Fishel Shechter is a renowned mechanech who has turned teaching into an art form. He captivates his young audience and brings every Mishna to life. He has a unique gift for breaking down complex concepts so that they are easily understood.
He's every young boy's ideal rebbe. And he's available at any time, from any location.

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