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Mercaz Hachinuch of Monsey is the beloved home for every Rebbi and Morah. In this behind-the- scenes center, every teacher walks in driven and leaves equipped. The Center is the first stop, the last stop, and every stop in between, for every necessity and luxury a teacher will ever need.

Teacher Center Services:

Top-tier coaching:
Educational consultations for classroom management
Lesson design and development
Instructional year long coaching

Special Events:
Niche networking
Instructional Coaching Collaborate
3+3 New Teacher's Training
Annual Community Expo

Resources and Curricula:

Innovative teaching tools
Specialty curricula for multiple subjects

Why Monsey?
The 1500+ educators in Monsey often travel to Brooklyn or Lakewood to use Teacher Center services - or when they dont have that liberty, they rely on virtual programming alone. From the novice teacher to the veteran teacher looking for more, the Teachers Center is the place to expand skill sets and stay current.
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