Prize name Winner City
Grand Prize 1 Ms. Batya Machlof Jerusalem, Israel
Grand Prize 2 Mr. and Mrs.Daniel Ben Tolili Jerusalem, Israel
Prize 3 - Two round trip tickets to Israel Ms. Fraidy Klob Jerusalem, Israel
Prize 4 - Two round tickets to Switzerland Mr. Yosef Tadgi Ohr Hanuz, Israel
Prize 5 - Two round tickets to Mezbish or Uman Ms. Efrat Cohen Jerusalem, Israel
Prize 6 - Two round tickets to Czech Republic Mr. Dov Kadron Jerusalem, Israel
Prize 7 - Two round tickets to Poland Ms. Michele Raul Brooklyn
Prize 8 - Two round trip tickets to visit London Krouman Family Bat Yam, Israel
Prize 9 - Two round tickets to Orlando. Florida Ms. Yides Lichtman Brooklyn
Prize 10 - Two round tickets anywhere in continental USA Ms. Blimie Greenfeld Brooklyn
Prize 11 - The world's largest and most coveted set of Shas Mr. and Mrs. Netanel Tzafti Shomron, Israel
Prize 12 - Candlesticks, Menorah and Kaarahs galore valued at $5000 Mr. Rachamim David Nes Tziona, Israel
Prize 13 - Otzar Hachochma Mr. Shlomi Paz Ohr Yehudah, Israel
Prize 14 - $4000 gift certificate at David Rudy Ms. Fraidy Weinberger Brooklyn
Prize 15 - Stern's furniture valued at $5000 Gross Family Brooklyn
Prize 16 - $2000 at Pmegranate Ms. Edythe Markowitz Brooklyn
Prize 17 - Renaissance Wigs - 2 WINNERS Miss Zehava Schneider Passaic
Prize 17 - Renaissance Wigs - 2 WINNERS Mr. Israel Lippel Brooklyn
Prize 18 - $600 gift card to the Lingerie Shop Ms. Racheli Aharonov Monsey
Prize 19 - Necklace from Feldman's Jewerlery valued at $1500 Ms. Chaya Horowitz Baltimore
Prize 20 - Sterling Silver from Elite Sterling valued at $1500 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blitz Los Angeles
Prize 21 - $2000 at Shulamis Lazer Mrs. Ilana Rosenfeld Brooklyn
Prize 22 - $1500 at Nordstom Ms. Talia Avni Aco, Israel
Prize 23 - Furniture from Living Quarters valued at $1000 Ms. Rochel Stern Lakewood
Prize 24 - Elegant Linen up to $500 Mr. and Mrs. Brieger Monsey
Prize 25 - $1000 gift card for latest iphone at any Apple store Mr. Ephraim Goldberg Bnie Brak
Prize 26 - A shiny new laptop Mr. and Mrs. David Kerner Brooklyn
Prize 27 - Canon EOS 80D camera Mr. Avrohom Shimon Fischman Monsey
Prize 28 - 4 piece Samsonite luggage set Mrs. Sima Burnstein Fort Lauderdale
Prize 29 - $1500 Visa Card Mr. Gavriel Solomom Charish, Israel
Prize 30 - $4000 for cleaning help Harav Yitzchak Dovid Grossman Migdal Haemek, Israel
Prize 31 - Stylish Bee 3 Ms. Tehilah Asulin Elad, Israel
Prize 32 - American Doll Mr. Ungar Brooklyn
Prize 33- A video capable drone Ms. Ayala Friedland Jerusalem, Israel
Prize 34 - A hoverboard Mr. Michael Megar Bnie Brak
Prize 35 - Playmobile Mr. Sam Wasserman Brooklyn
Prize 36 - Magna tiles, Magna board Ms. Esther Karpen Brooklyn
Prize 37 - Carmona dinnerware for 12 valued at $2000 Mr. Israel Horowitz Brooklyn

Ezer Mizion

Ezer Mizion's Bone Marrow Registry is the single largest Jewish bone marrow registry in the world with a pool of nearly one million potential donors. Because bone marrow donors and recipients need to be genetically compatible, Jewish patients generally need Jewish stem cell (we typically use bone marrow vs stem cells. We should be consistent to avoid confusion) donors. This makes the sheer magnitude of the Ezer Mizion Registry even more impressive.

Today, the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry has over 950,000 potential lifesaving bone marrow donors and has facilitated more than 3,000 transplants in Israel, the United States and across the globe!

None of us are immune to cancer! Ezer Mizion's Bone Marrow Registry provides Jews across the world with a very special life insurance policy for when all other treatments options have been tried and failed. "A match has been found" are truly the most emotionally electrifying words a cancer patient can hear. At Ezer Mizion we see faces light up every day when these five simple words are delivered. As one of our partners, you too can share the incredible feeling of knowing you have played a role in saving a life!

Mission statement

Ezer Mizion's goal is to expand the Registry to provide a match for every single Jewish patient in need of a stem cell (suggest using bone marrow) transplant.

The Registry is a vital resource for thousands of Jewish patients and serves as a safety net for Jews everywhere. As it expands, the likelihood of finding a match goes up. Thousands of lives have been saved over the past twenty years which is a testament to the success of our ever expanding Registry and the personal involvement of our friends and supporters everywhere.

Our mission is to save lives, and we hope you join us. We desperately need funding to pay for continual swab testing. It is the selfless generosity of people like yourself that allows us to continue our holy and life-saving work.

What would you do to save a life?

To join Ezer Mizion's bone marrow registry, a potential donor must first take a swab test. Each test costs $50. Your donation goes directly toward the costs associated with swab testing which can potentially save a life.