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Meir Shalom Geiger

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  • Joshua Geiger
  • Toby And Mitch Weiss
    Meir Shalom we are so proud of you and so grateful to Darchei Noam and to your Rebbeim for the wonderful learning environment they have created. All our love, Bubby and Zaidy
  • Toby Weiss
    With gratitude to Darchei Noam and appreciation for your wonderful Rebbeim. We love you and are proud of you Meir Shalom!
  • Howard Wizenfeld
  • Anonymous Sponsor
    We are so proud of the Ben Torah that you are growing into Meir Shalom! May you continue to thrive in school and out!
  • Rabbi Nate And Tamar Hardy
  • Bonnie Schwartz
    You are the best! Love you!!
  • Nina Gafni
  • Benjamin Hoffer
  • Tzippy And Josh Rapps
  • Chaim Marcus
    In honor of budding Talmid Chacham Meir Shalom, and his holy parents!!
  • Yoram Gafni
  • Saul Orbach
  • Aaron Kampf
    Keep growing young man and make your special parents and community proud!
  • Aaron Kampf
    This is when I checked the exchange rate and I still know you're going to do big things!
  • Steven Nathan
  • אלעד צפורי
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Dear Family and Friends,
"I love going to school!" These words are definitely a parent's dream to hear from their son. At Darchei Noam, our students thrive in a close-knit atmosphere that focuses on nurturing a lifelong love of learning, and developing sterling middos and derech eretz. Many of our students and their families have made a giant leap, by leaving their country of birth and fulfilling their vision by moving to Eretz Yisrael. It is here, within the school environment, that the students maintain a high level of both limudei kodesh and limudei chol, along with keeping the mesorah of their families.

Please support our unique model of Torah education by purchasing tickets to win amazing prizes, while enabling our success. Thank you and Tizki L'Mitzvos!