Yeshiva Da'as Chochma was founded in Yerushalayim in 2007 as a Bais Medrash and Kollel for American talmidim. It provided a high level of in-depth learning and hasmodah in a warm and vibrant environment, allowing each bochur to achieve his potential in learning, middos, and personal growth. Within a short time, the Yeshiva earned a reputation of excellence and attracted a contingent of sincere talmidim from a variety of American yeshivos.

At the request of parents and mechanchim, Yeshiva Da'as Chochma relocated to suburban Monsey, New York in 2013, to greater accommodate the needs of bochurim in the United States. The Yeshiva serves as a bastion of growth for mature bochurim looking to shteig. In addition to benefiting from a high-caliber learning program, talmidim are equipped with the tools and life skills they need to navigate our increasingly complex and challenging world as uncompromised b'nei Torah.

A further unique feature of Yeshiva Da'as Chochma is a carefully selected group of kollel fellows who serve as role models and enhance the level of learning in the Yeshiva. A hallmark of the yeshiva is the warm and close-knit atmosphere with a strong sense of camaraderie; alumni continue to maintain a close kesher with the rebbeim and each other even years after leaving.