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  • Beka Rozenberg
  • Ruth Sirota
    So proud of the woman you have become Beka
  • Suzanne And Barry Rozenberg
    Beka, you make us so proud every day!! Your chewed knows no bounds. Love you
  • Michelle And Ike Hershman
  • Fanyelle Mael
    You inspire us with your chesed! So proud of you!
  • Lynn And Joel Mael
    Yaasher koach Beka!!
  • Shoni And Mark Seide
  • Chanie Holzer
    Rock on Bekka
  • Ben And Michelle Weber
    Tizku Lemitzvot!
  • Ricki & Josh Goldgrab
  • Remi Engel
    In honor of Beka! A truly special soul inside and out!
  • Alexa Gelnick
    In honor of Beka and her amazing devotion to I-shine!!!!
  • Paige & Larry Sirota
  • Yosefa Heber
  • Anonymous Sponsor
    Tizku L'mitzvot!
  • Alyse And Josh Rozenberg
  • Amanda Israeli
    Bzchus only good things for Beka this year! Keep being the amazing friend you are to all!!
  • Tzvi And Davida
  • Jessica Kahane
    In honor of my special friend, Beka and my love for this amazing organization
  • Dahlia And Jake Berman
    Tizku lmitzvos!! Beka you should be showered with many many Brachos !!! Ishine has a special place in my ❤️ Thank you for focusing on this great program
  • Stefi And Craig Sirota
  • Allison Weichselbaum
  • Geri And Harold Sirota
    so proud of you.
  • Lauren Leddy
  • Shaindy Cohen
    Love you beka
  • Shalom Orlian
  • Sarah Marlowe
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When a child confronts serious illness or loss in their family, and their parents can't be home for them during those crucial afterschool hours, i-Shine is there.

i-Shine, a community-based project of Chai Lifeline, provides afterschool mentoring, homework help, friendship and fun in a supervised and supportive environment. Through turbulent times, our trained high school i-Shine volunteers serve as big brothers and sisters to children, instilling them with a sense of stability, resilience and confidence. Transportation, warm meals and exciting activities are provided each week. Unfortunately, more and more families are in need of our services and programmatic expenses have increased sharply.

Your tax-deductible contribution will have a direct impact, enabling i-Shine continue to expand and be there for children when they need us most.
Please give generously to our campaign and help our kids shine.
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