Ask anyone who's spent time in the hospital about their stay, and you're likely to hear this: "We wouldn't have managed without the Chesed Hospitality Room." For good reason. Chesed 24/7's Hospitality Rooms are a Jewish home base - a "heimishe" oasis of comfort in the midst of a sterile hospital environment.

The rooms are stocked with everything a Yid could need - full meals, coffee, snacks, even seforim and Jewish magazines. Mid-night snack? Have your pick. Ice cream to tempt a patient? The freezer's stocked. Danishes? Candy? Sandwiches? There's always plenty. The rooms fuel refuos, by nourishing patients and their caregivers - and attract (and unite!) people from the entire spectrum of Jewry. Day and night, Shabbos and Pesach, there's always someone in each of our 21 rooms - drinking coffee, grabbing a meal, or just taking a brief respite from the rigors of hospital life.

During the Click for Chesed campaign, we'll be stocking our Chesed Hospitality Rooms with our most-needed items. Donors will sponsor as many items as they can for $12 each. (Some items are multi-packs. Ex: 6 slices of cake for $12.)

Teams can either focus on one specific item, or on filling the rooms with whatever foods donors choose. For example, if a Team Ambassador sets a goal of acquiring 150 jars of coffee for Memorial Sloan Kettering, her friends will each sponsor as many jars as they can, and together, send 150 jars of coffee to the Memorial Hospitality Room. If a Team Ambassador chooses to stock the Chesed room in Hackensack University Hospital with 200 items, her friends will click and choose the items they wish to sponsor, and help her reach her goal.

Whatever you sponsor, here's one thought to keep in mind:
Our rooms run on your choices.