Achiezer was established in 2008 at the behest of local rabbinic and community leaders who saw a need for change. These visionaries dreamed of creating one master organization, which would completely remove the burden of crisis management from the shoulders of shocked and distressed victims. They dreamed of an organization that would be there for the entire community-at any time, for any difficulty, large or small.

Whether the situation calls for medical, financial, emotional, or practical support, Achiezer's team of medical, mental health and other professionals enables clients to access the assistance that they need in a caring, professional and confidential fashion.

Working with the community, for the community, Achiezer provides unparalleled support throughout the duration of any difficult time.


CIMBY, a project of the Achiezer Community Resource Center, encourages individuals to engage in acts of kindness right in our own community. CIMBY stands for Chesed In My BackYard. This year, Achiezer is unveiling CIMBY SPORT, a new and exciting competition for runners and cyclists of all levels! A virtual race allows all athletes to practice social distancing from anywhere in the world while supporting this amazing organization. The CIMBY SPORT initiative will allow us to work together while being physically apart.

This is how it works. Simply claim your spot on the 2020 CIMBY SPORT fundraising page, select the Cycling or Running track (or both!), and you're off to the races!

After signing up, cyclists and runners will track their exercise data. Whether you bike or run (or even walk!), on the streets or in your home gym, you'll track it and share that data with us daily via WhatsApp. Our team will update the results daily on the official male and female leaderboards and you can watch your ranking climb! (Feeling competitive yet?)

And we didn't even tell you about the SWAG and PERKS. As you reach higher fundraising goals or claim the top spot in your sport's leaderboard you will have the chance to win anything from a cozy hoodie, to a home work-out station. You may even win a Peloton bike! Oh, and all CIMBY SPORT participants will be treated to an exclusive dinner. Details to follow.

What are you waiting for ...claim your spot and join Achiezer's CIMBY SPORT campaign to the finish line!