Zeidy Reb Yecheskal Shraga Gottehrer zt”l, was always involved with real mesiras nefesh in helping others in need. Fifty years ago, he decided to shoulder a weekly food distribution in Yerushalayim to help large, needy families, and that is how Chevra Mezonos came to be. Our grandfather totally immersed himself to collect funds for this important cause, he collected, he got comments, snide remarks and ever humiliation, but he always kept the Ratzon Hashem before all. He literally breathed helping others, always. We're are making this auction le’ili nishmaso.

Please give it your all to do your part in helping us reach our goal, a goal that is making Zeidy very very proud. Tizku LMitzvos!!
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Chevra Mezonos Jerusalem is a non-profit 501c3 organization.