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Joyland Acres

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  • Chaya Dewick
    Cheers to the greatest summer family!
  • Toby Braver
    It is an honor to be a part of Joyland Family! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Friedman
  • Miriam Wolf
  • Charne Preisler
  • Miriam SEGELBAUM
    Thanks CC Dewick for always going the extra mile
  • Leah Frankel
    In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Friedman of Joyland Acres. Thank You So Much for all the enjoyable summers!! May Hashem give you lots of koach to continue your avodas hakodesh!
  • ESty FIscher
  • Libby Luria
  • Leah Friedman
    In honor of all my summer friends. Looking forward to another amazing summer, iy"H, with apples, commas, and most of all, good health!
  • Chanie Lipschutz
  • Proud Joyland Member
    "Happy 20th Birthday Joyland!"
  • Peri Rosenberg
    Looking forward to a great summer w/ Joyland Family!
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Dear Family and Friends,
This cause is very close to my heart. Hundreds of families depend on it. Help me- Help them.