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Joy. It is the radiant smile, and undeniable sparkle in the eyes that mirror the inner emotions of exuberance upon a Kallah's engagement.

Yet for many Kallahs and their parents, the intrinsic joy becomes muted by a sense of worry and anxiety. So many exciting preparations... So many necessary purchases... Yet, so many expenses, the costs seem insurmountable.

Chasdei Chashi L'Kallah steps in to ease this worry and return the joy. In a discreet and honorable manner, CCL provides beautiful, quality furniture for the Chosson and Kallah. Since its inception almost two decades ago, Chasdei Chashi L'Kallah has helped thousands of Kallahs nationwide by providing high-quality beds and dinette sets delivered in a truly respectable manner.

With these necessities taken care of, the palpable sense of relief allows the radiant smile and undeniable spark in the eyes of the Kallah and her family to shine once more.

You too can bring simcha to a Kallah in need.

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