A Kallah!

Magical words in every girl's life; Joy and dreams of a glowing future.


what happens when these special moments are darkened by financial worries?
...how can we stand by and watch a Kallah struggle during what should be the most joyful time of her life?

For the past 18 years, Chasdei Chashi L'Kallah has been stepping in to return the rightful joy and excitement to Kallahs and their parents, ensuring that the engagement period once again be filled with anticipation and happiness. By providing beautiful dinette sets and high-quality beds to the new home of the Choson and Kallah, Chasdei Chashi L'Kallah now transforms their house into a home and her dreams into a reality. With discretion and sensitivity, this unique organization preserves the dignity of the recipients and allows them to walk to the Chuppa with true Simcha and Yishuv Hadaas.

Now, more than ever, the need for our help is increasing. More and more Kallahs are turning to us for assistance. We want to help them; we don't want to dash their hopes and dreams! But we need you - our dear friends and loyal supporters - to partner with us in our sacred mission.

Please join our 18th Annual Auction. We need your unwavering support especially during these windy times. Tizku L'Mitzvhos!

L'iluy Nishmas
Rabbi and Mrs. Zev & Chashi Weiss A"H

Chasdei Chashi L'Kallah was established l'iluy nishmas Rabbi & Mrs. Zev & Chashi Weiss, an extraordinary couple who were paradigms of Torah, Chesed and Ahavas Habriyos. Their Simchas Hachaim and Ahavas HaTorah were not dimmed even by their illness and untimely passing.

As we mark the eighteenth yahrtzeit of R' Zev and Chashi Weiss A'H, we renew our commitment to bring joy to those in need. May it serve as an eternal zechus for them and for those of you who share in this precious mitzvah.