About CARE for Special

The mission of Care for Special Children is to help children with special needs thrive through compassion, advocacy, and resources. CARE gives guidance and hope to parents and family members. Whether that's setting up a child with integral services or even sending a pick me up self-care bag to reconnect, CARE is here for you, always. Its not just about the child with special needs but their sibllings and family too.

About CARE Day

Step up to the plate and support CARE Day, a July 4th tournament dedicated to children with special needs! With over 3,000 community members participating, CARE Day is a celebration of compassion and advocacy. CARE holds the hands of 500+ families in our community with children who have special needs, combining compassion with advocacy and bridging love with services. Your donation helps provide hope and support to these families, ensuring vital programs are available. Join us for a day of softball, carnival games, water activities, and more—donate today and make a difference in the lives of these incredible children and families!