Tishrei 5781
To our Dear and Esteemed Family and Friends, she'yichyu

It's hard to believe that 6 months have passed since the petirah of our dear brother, R' Avraham Mordechai, z"l.

Avraham Mordechai z"l walked a path of simplicity underscored with great devotion to Hashem. The vitality of his life was Torah and Mitzvos - that is what gave him his chiyus. His warmth and golden heart ran deep and were felt by all who were close to him. His acceptance and responses to the tidal waves of life were awe - inspiring; not a complaint, nor an ill-word were spoken of people... His material needs were simple, but his spiritual aspirations were lofty!
The melody of one of Avraham Mordechai's favorite songs echoes in our minds; "Tov Le'hodos L'Hashem"... which aptly reflected his appreciation and connection to Hashem, throughout the inevitable twists and turns of life...

Shortly after his petirah, we had the zechus of speaking to Rav Label Katz, zt"l, whom we asked what we can do as an ongoing zechus for his neshama. He suggested that funds be raised to help chassanim and kallahs, enabling the continuity of generations, doros in klal Yisroel...

We have chosen to focus on helping to subsidize essential items for the Shabbos table, which is so intrinsically meaningful... Avraham Mordechai cherished Shabbos as he would sit around the table, basking in the glorious strains of "Kah Echsof Noam Shabbos", singing holy zemer after zemer, rousing the oilam into the late hours of the night...
The endeavor we now embark on,
"Binyan Avraham Mordechai - Project K'vod Shabbos" will extend the kedushah and splendor of the Shabbos table, lighting up the homes and hearts of many young couples building their new homes in Klal Yisroel.

We would be so appreciative if you could join us in this project! It would be very meaningful to all of us and be a source of great nechama for our family, as it helps our brother attain ever greater spiritual heights!
May Ha'Kadosh Baruch Hu grant you and your entire family an abundance of good health, parnassah, nachas and brocha ad bli dai!

Tizku l'Mitzvos! With great appreciation and birchas kesiva v'chasima tova and g'mar tov to all of klal Yisrael!

This project will join the outstanding work under the auspices of: "Tiferes, Devorah L'Kallah" which will assist with distribution.

Each Shabbos package is valued at $100. All warm-hearted contributions will be most appreciated!