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About Ohr Hachasidus

Revolutionize Hafatza. Shift Perspectives. Transform Lives.

At Ohr Hachasidus, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the way we carry out Hafatzas Hamaayanos in frum communities. Our daily and weekly publications, including Lightpoints, Shabbos Lights, and Likras Shabbos are read by thousands around the world and are available free of charge.

But we don't stop there. Our two Baderech Seforim Mobiles - LED trucks filled with Sifrei Chassidus and Chassidishe multimedia - travel to communities throughout the tri-state area, creating a contagious excitement at every stop. These Seforim Mobiles are a modern spin-off of the Mitzvah tanks - revolutionizing the way we spread Chasidus to those who may not have the exposure or opportunity to access it otherwise.

When someone visits the truck and picks up a Sefer of Chasidus for the first time, it can have a profound impact on his perspective and understanding of life. His world view, his relationship with Hashem and the Torah, his appreciation for a single mitzvah will continue to evolve, a well deep inside him bubbling over until the effects will be felt by his family, his friends and eventually his entire community.

It is through your support and partnership that we are able to revolutionize the world of hafatzah and continue to grow in our mission. Join the revolution with Ohr Hachasidus and take part in the Bayis Raffle for a chance to win 6 months of your rent/mortgage payments while supporting this important work.

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