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Ateres Shlomo is a non-profit 501c3 organization.


Our Shul, Ateres Shlomo, a warm and vibrant shtiebel in the Edison/Highland Park NJ community, under the dynamic leadership of Rav Yidel Eichenstein Shlit"a, was established 2016/5776, by a small group of families looking to focus on growing in Avodas Hashem in a pleasant and conducive environment.During these four short years, we've been enormously successful, B"H.

The Shul has grown to almost forty member families and is a beacon for anyone looking for a warm davening, geshmake kiddush, elevating shaloshseudos, or stimulating shiurim.

Now we've, B"H, outgrown our rented space above the local grocery store. We purchased a building in a great location at an excellent price and are now modifying and renovating it into a beautiful Bais Medrash with all the basic amenities.

Although most of the costs will be covered by the members of the shul, we can't do this essential renovation entirely on our own. So we turn to you, our friends and family, to help us and invest with us in this "spiritual profit - generating" venture by participating in this raffle campaign.
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